Benang Brings Communities Together

Photo by Dio Hasbi Saniskoro from Pexels is a first of its kind social enterprise marketplace platform for the procurement of tailoring services in Malaysia.

Unlike other marketplaces, we support the underserved (B40) communities of tailors and seamstresses to enhance their income and realize their entrepreneurial goals. It is indeed a marketplace of hopes and dreams.  

We bring together communities of tailors, seamstresses, fabric suppliers, designers and consumers in the apparel industry on this platform to engage, trade and procure tailoring services and clothing.

Amidst the raging effects the COVID 19 pandemic has had on the global economies, what better time than now to provide this platform to enhance the quality of life of the under served communities of tailors and seamstresses in the apparel industry.

As the old saying goes, ‘Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime’. This conveys an important life lesson; it is about improving someone’s standard of living by giving that person the tools to improve himself (or herself, naturally).

The underserved communities of tailors and seamstresses can be a part of the economically vibrant fabric of society.

Our vision is that one day, all underserved communities of tailors and seamstresses will have equal opportunities to access the global marketplace.

Our goal is to promote to be the platform of choice in the apparel industry go-to marketplace among industry players as well as consumers.

Why ‘benang’?

Benang (a Malay word for thread), when stitched, binds fabrics together. It symbolizes support and unity, an integral foundation to build healthy communities, extending opportunities to all walks of life.

Thread harnesses the power of relationships to create a new social fabric of diverse individuals deeply engaged with young people facing the most significant opportunity and achievement gaps. Our community is committed to ending social isolation and building a more equitable culture in which everyone thrives.

What do we do?

Using the power of the marketplace to solve the most pressing societal problems, social enterprises are commercially viable businesses existing to benefit the public and the community, rather than shareholders and owners.

With this ecommerce store, our beneficiaries can participate in the vibrant economy of the apparel industry, leveraging on their sewing and tailoring skills.

At, consumers can procure quality goods and services while doing social goods at the same time; in helping to empower and enhance the income of our underserved communities. is a social enterprise initiative of the International Women’s Federation of Commerce and Industry Malaysia (IWFCIM), supported by Yayasan Hasanah.

IWFCIM is a Malaysia Chapter of the global non-profit NGO, International Women’s Federation of Commerce and Industry (IWFCI), which is currently present in 16 countries.

IWFCIM aims to be a socially responsible one stop center supporting women entrepreneurs to prepare, promote and position their businesses from inception to global market players and leaders.

We conduct programs and initiatives to support our three core pillars:

• Social enterprises – supporting the Sustainable Development Goals of eradicating poverty and gender equality

• Entrepreneurs and business professionals

• Our systemic Circles of support system called the Forum (formerly known as Women in Commerce).


About BFC Team

Beladin Fashion Center (BFC) team is a community of B40 tailors and seamstresses from Beladin, Sarawak. At this juncture, we are a team of 48 people. We sew with passion. We strive to provide the best quality of workmanship to all our customers.

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