Celebrating Our Tailors

Our communities of tailors and seamstresses are empowered individuals demonstrating key empowerment attributes daily.

We celebrate our tailors by demonstrating the compelling empowerment attributes – bold, courageous, grit, tenacity, empathy, confident, perseverance, patience, authentic – through the clothing that they sew.

Explore the personas depicted at – Roxy, Kate, Mei Ling, Diana. Shirley, Cecil and Amanda. Each persona represents a specific character or attribute. Each carries its own empowerment message to celebrate our under served community of tailors and seamstresses.


About BFC Team

Beladin Fashion Center (BFC) team is a community of B40 tailors and seamstresses from Beladin, Sarawak. At this juncture, we are a team of 48 people. We sew with passion. We strive to provide the best quality of workmanship to all our customers.

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