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Elegant and Affordable Kimono Shawls

Breezy Fashion Store offers the elegant and affordable kimono shawls made by the Beladin tailors.

These sheer, soft kimono shawls are perfect for any type of outings – tea with friends, dinner with families, smart casual company meetings or even just for a walk about during your precious ‘me time’.

Available in a few colors – grey, light brown, dark green and super light green – they are indeed a bargain.

Check out the Breezy store today. Get one for yourself or get some for your loved ones on their special occasions 🙂

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About BFC Team

Beladin Fashion Center (BFC) team is a community of B40 tailors and seamstresses from Beladin, Sarawak. At this juncture, we are a team of 48 people. We sew with passion. We strive to provide the best quality of workmanship to all our customers.

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