Am I Eligible to sell on is a marketplace for the B40 tailors and seamstresses, designers and fashionpreneurs.

It is a social enterprise initiative of the International Women’s Federation of Commerce and Industry Malaysia (IWFCIM) supported by the Yayasan Hasanah under the HSG2020.

Our key objectives are to eradicate poverty and empower the B40 women tailors and seamstresses to have unlimited, borderless opportunities to sew clothes.

Benang (a Malay word for thread), when stitched, creates a strong bind between fabrics. It symbolizes support and unity, an integral foundation to build healthy communities, extending opportunities to all walks of life. Benang is a platform of opportunities for the underserved to be a part of the economically vibrant fabric of society.

We encourage like-minded parties to be a part of our community.

You can find below the eligibility to be a seller on the platform:

You must be within the B40 group based on the Government of Malaysia’s definition/taxonomy – a household that earns at most RM4,849 a month.

Specifically, for products that you want to sell on, you must use up to 70 per cent of the tailoring services of the community of tailors in the first 24 months from the date of your becoming a seller. You will continue to maintain the usage of 70 per cent of the tailoring services of the communities of tailors beyond the initial 24 months.

OR you create a totally new clothing line to be sewn by the Benang community of tailors.

If you meet the above criteria, we encourage you to participate in and support the B40 communities of tailors and seamstresses to achieve their hopes and dreams.