General Enquiries is a social enterprise marketplace platform for the underserved or vulnerable communities of tailors and seamstresses, designers and fashionpreneurs to promote and sell their apparels and tailoring services. You can learn more about at this link here.

The underserved or vulnerable communities of are the B40 communities of tailors and seamstresses in Malaysia.

The pioneer communities of tailors and seamstresses are 60 women and girls from Beladin, Sarawak and the YWCA Vocational Training Opportunity Center (VTOC) graduates.

We invite all B40 communities of tailors and seamstresses to be a part of the communities in the long term. is a strategic social enterprise initiative of the global non-profit, NGO, International Women’s Federation of Commerce and Industry Malaysia (IWFCIM) in supporting the key Sustainable Development Goals of eradicating poverty and gender equality.

Since 2016, we have constructively developed the women of Beladin communities in Sarawak – trained them sewing and tailoring, built the Beladin Fashion Center and sourced clothing contracts – in our effort to help them earn extra income. is natural progression of our effort to enable them to tap a bigger market to realize their hopes and dreams.

The initiative is supported by Yayasan Hasanah.

We rise by lifting others. is a platform that provides you the opportunity not only to procure good products and services; but also, to make an impact in the livelihood of the underserved and vulnerable B40 communities in Malaysia. Every ringgit will make a difference in someone’s life and will bring them closer to realize their hopes and dreams. is social enterprise initiative of the IWFCIM and supported by Yayasan Hasanah.

Orders, Cancellation and Returns

a. If you were an individual or common customer, you can order the tailoring services and products following these steps.

b. If you were a designer or fashionpreneur, you can order tailoring services following these steps.

Yes. You can cancel your order. Please contact to cancel an order. If your order has not shipped yet, we will attempt to cancel your order and provide confirmation within 24 business hours. If your order has shipped, we will refund your payment as soon as we have received the item(s) back from you.

Yes. You can return a product if you are not satisfied with it as per explanation here.


Here are the steps to become a seller on

Please refer to pre-requisites to become a seller as detailed out in the eligibility section.


-Register as a vendor.
-Fill in the set-up wizard as required.

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We accept credit cards, debit cards and online bank payments.

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